Wednesday, 1 June 2011

And CUT! That's a wrap.

Today was it: the day we finished our first short film. This week we added in the opening title and end credits, as well as background music. The end credits are by far my favourite part. We mixed credits with bloopers of each member of our group. We also made sure to include a list (in order of appearance) of the songs from which we used lyrics.

Honestly, I'm not at all satisfied with our finished video. It doesn't look very professional, there are inconsistencies with the sound, and lighting, and a lot of the angles just aren't that great. I have to think positively though, and chalk it all up as a learning experience. This first film may be crap, but the next one will be better, and the one after that even better. I can definitely appreciate all the time and effort that goes into bringing a film to the screen, that's for sure. Plus, if our first try had been perfect, then how would we ever top it? This way we've left ourselves heaps of room for improvement. Positive attitude!

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